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4 Common Types of Damage Caused by Hurricanes

We’re in the midst of hurricane season, and this year’s collection is among the most devastating in history. Millions of Floridians evacuated their homes in order to avoid the brunt of the damage Hurricane Irma is expected to cause, and while the damage is expected to be severe, everyone hopes to have a home to return to. In cases where your home suffered considerable hurricane damage, you may have an insurance policy in place to help cover the costs of repairing your home.

4 Main Types of Damage Caused by Hurricanes

  1. Winds: Strong winds can be the most devastating part of a hurricane, especially when debris is picked up and turned into a high-speed projectile propelled into other structures. Strong winds can also tear structures apart, blow down power lines, uproot trees, etc.
  2. Tornados: Hurricane winds can also produce tornadoes that can do anything from uproot houses completely to pick up and fling debris at high speed.
  3. Storm Surge: Hurricane winds can also push seawater up towards the shore as the storm approaches land, causing sea levels to rise. As the eye of the storm approaches, seal levels can rise at an accelerated rate and push waves much farther inland than they could ever reach in normal circumstances.
  4. Flooding: Hurricanes often come with prolonged periods of rain, and that rainfall can quickly build up and cause significant flooding. While smaller hurricanes can bring five to 10 inches of rain, larger storms like Harvey and Irma can bring more than 50 inches of rainfall.

Unfortunately, your insurance company may offer you considerably less money than you expect or even outright deny your claim. In these situations, it’s important to hire an experienced insurance claim attorney to help you fight to secure the financial assistance you deserve.

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