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Soft Tissue Injuries: Why They Should Be Taken Seriously

Soft tissue injuries are among some of the most common types of injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions and, despite this fact, they are often disregarded as minor. However, soft tissue injuries can be quite serious and neglecting them can further worsen any problems associated with them, leading to long-term or permanent damage. Although not all soft tissue injuries require extensive medical treatment, you will not know this for certain unless you visit a doctor, so be sure to make this a top priority in the aftermath of an accident.

What Are Soft Tissue Injuries?

A soft tissue injury generally occurs when an uncontrolled movement traumatizes one’s muscles, tendons, or ligaments. For example, if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and your neck is subjected to a sudden back and forth movement, you will likely sustain an injury known as whiplash, which is among one of the most common soft tissue injuries.

Strains and Sprains

If a muscle or tendon is overstretched, this is known as a strain, whereas an overstretched ligament is considered a sprain. These injuries can either be incredibly mild, requiring nothing more than rest, or severe and necessitating physical therapy and painkillers, and are graded accordingly. For example, a Grade 1 strain or sprain is mild, whereas a Grade 3 strain or sprain is severe.

Symptoms of Soft Tissue Injuries

When one’s soft tissue is damaged, one of the most immediate and prominent symptoms is pain, accompanied by swelling. Stiffness is also incredibly common, especially when swelling is present. After 24 to 48 hours, bruising might also develop.

Depending on the severity of the injury, age, general health, and the nature of the injury, recovery time can vary. In cases of severe trauma, however, there might also be fractures, which can lengthen one’s recovery time, pain, and level of discomfort. It is crucial to seek a detailed assessment and diagnosis if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Inability to put weight on the injured area
  • The injured area has an unusual deformity or shape
  • There was an audible crack or pop when you sustained the injury
  • You are also experiencing pain in areas surrounding bone structures
  • You are experiencing numbness or the sensation of pins and needles at the injury site or in other areas

Regardless of how minor or severe your soft tissue injuries are, it is crucial that you seek treatment for them.

Treatment for Soft Tissue Injuries

There are three main stages of treatment and recovery for those suffering from soft tissue injuries:

  1. Within the first 24 to 72 hours, it is imperative to protect any injured areas and to obtain an accurate diagnosis. You should also refrain from making any movements that result in pain.
  2. Focus on reducing the presence of any swelling and stiffness, so you can attempt to regain normal movement.
  3. Begin to regain normal function and resume normal activities.

You should also avoid heat, alcohol, and massages within the first 48 to 72 hours following your injury since these can all hinder the healing process.

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