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The Importance of Patient Consent

In the health care industry, patient consent or informed consent is the process in which the patient and health care provider discuss a proposed medical treatment, including its risks, benefits, alternatives, and how it might cause harm. It is a vital element of the relationship a patient has with his or her health care provider and matter of patient safety. As proof of the patient’s informed consent, a document should be provided, which the patient must sign to verify that he or she had a discussion about the proposed medical treatment.

What is Informed Consent?

The process of informed consent is quite detailed, involving seven elements:

  • A discussion regarding the patient’s role in making a decision for treatment
  • A discussion that describes the clinical issue and suggested treatment
  • A discussion regarding alternative treatments or the option of no treatment
  • A discussion about the risks and benefits and a comparison of these risks and benefits to alternatives
  • A discussion of any uncertainties
  • Assessment of the patient’s understanding
  • Obtaining the patient’s consent to his or her preferred treatment

This process is not only about getting a signature on a document, but about ensuring medical professionals fully explain diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes and is certain their patients fully comprehend the information. It is as much a legal issue as it is an ethical one. When a medical professional fails to perform this crucial step, resulting in adverse consequences, a patient can hold him or her accountable.

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