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What Can Cause a Newborn to Seizure?

When a newborn experiences seizures, this could indicate that a birth injury occurred. Seizures typically develop in infants who were deprived of oxygen near or during labor and might be one of the first noticeable signs of a brain injury in a newborn baby. Although more often than not, seizures are caused during or around the time of labor, there are several other causes, including infections.

Most Common Causes of Seizures in Newborns:

  1. Umbilical Cord Injuries: Umbilical cord complications can prevent oxygen-rich blood from reaching the baby. Decreased oxygen in the baby can cause hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), which can ultimately lead to seizures.
  2. Uterine and/or Placental Complications: Problems with the placenta or a ruptured uterus can also cause conditions that result in seizures. If anything prevents blood from flowing into or out of the placenta, this will deny the baby of oxygen-rich blood, also causing HIE.
  3. Complications Related to Size or Position: If the baby’s head is too large to pass through the mother’s pelvis, or if the baby is larger than average, this can cause complications during delivery that might result in injuries to the baby.
  4. Improper Use of Delivery Instruments: If delivery instruments such as forceps or a vacuum extractor are improperly used, this can put an infant at risk for brain bleeds.
  5. Delayed Delivery: In the event of fetal oxygen deprivation, emergency action is required. If a doctor fails to deliver the baby immediately or perform an emergency C-section, the baby might suffer permanent brain damage.
  6. Infections: It is the responsibility of a doctor to monitor the health of an expecting mother and screen for infections during pregnancy. Infections such as meningitis, encephalitis, and herpes simplex virus can all cause seizures in newborns.

If your newborn’s seizures are accompanied by other symptoms, this can also further indicate that a birth injury occurred. Other signs include trouble breathing after delivery, difficulty or lack of interest in feeding, abnormal heart rate, and odd movements in the face, arms, or legs.

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