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Attorney Gdanski Delivers 8-Figure Verdict with a Powerful Analogy

As a noted tobacco litigation attorney, Jonathan Gdanski has personally handled more than 1,250 claims, including one of the largest awards in the history of tobacco litigation. With his usual precision and dedicated advocacy, Attorney Gdanski recently secured another 8-figure verdict for a client harmed by Big Tobacco – and delivered a memorable legal analogy in the process.

To watch the full video of his closing argument in this case, click here.

Students and Teachers: The Purpose of Punitive Damages

Comparing punitive damages to a traditional teacher and student relationship, Attorney Gdanski eloquently explained this legal concept to the jurors in his closing arguments. Going through each element involved in punitive action, Gdanski illustrated how our society’s jurors function as the “teacher,” while the defendant often represents a “student” who has done something wrong.

“First, they talk about what they did wrong,” Gdanski said to the jurors, noting that “What this industry did wrong was indiscriminately addict children to a product designed to kill half the users, when used as intended.” Gdanski went on to discuss the importance of finding out why the “student” broke the rule in the first place – which is almost always money, especially in the case of Big Tobacco.

Gdanski concluded his argument by comparing the tobacco companies’ denial of any wrongdoing to a child throwing a tantrum, and insisting that they never did anything wrong even in the face of punishment. This powerful image assisted jurors as they made their decision, which resulted in a $37 million verdict against defendants Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds.

Commanding Courtroom Strategies for Your Claim

If you too have been hurt by the tobacco industry and its deceptive practices, you’re not alone – and there is a way for you to pursue compensation for your losses. At Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A., our experienced legal team can help you take on the tobacco companies, using strong courtroom strategies to get the results you deserve.

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