Bard PowerPort Catheter Lawsuit

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Failure of Bard PowerPort Implantable Catheter Can Lead to Serious Medical Issues

There are multiple reports and lawsuits related to the failure of the Bard PowerPort implantable catheter manufactured and distributed by Bard Access Systems, Inc. (owned by Becton Dickinson). These medical devices are often used for long-term treatments requiring frequent intravenous infusions of medicine such as chemotherapy for certain kinds of cancer. According to patients, medical professionals, and third-party medical device experts, the Bard PowerPort implantable catheter can fail, fracture, or migrate, resulting in a variety of serious health problems, from bloodstream infections to organ damage. 

Schlesinger Law Offices in Fort Lauderdale is currently investigating reports of Bard PowerPort failures and the harm patients have suffered because of those issues. We are nationally recognized as an award-winning trial law firm with a long history of successful case results in lawsuits against medical technology companies and manufacturers.

To name only a few of our recent successes in failed medical device cases:

  • $3,500,000 verdict: We successfully represented an injured patient in a case against BioMet, which mainly manufactures orthopedic devices and joint replacement devices.
  • Confidential settlement: Our attorneys secured a multimillion-dollar settlement for plaintiffs who contracted HIV and HCV from using contaminated blood products manufactured by Bayer Corp.

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Medical Issues Caused by Bard PowerPort Catheters

The most common problem with Bard PowerPort implantable catheters is potential dislodgement or fracture and subsequent migration of the catheter. The FDA has collected hundreds of reported issues associated with such malfunctions so far.

Possible medical issues caused by damaged or migrated Bard PowerPort catheters include:

  • Bloodstream Systemic Infections: Direct exposure of the bloodstream to external pathogens can lead to severe systemic infections.
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia: Irregular heartbeat patterns that may be life-threatening.
  • Blood Clots: A semi-solid mass of blood cells that could cause life-threatening events.
  • Localized Infections: Localized or widespread infections due to catheter-related complications.
  • Migration: The device moves from its original position, leading to potential internal damage.
  • Hemorrhaging: Uncontrolled internal bleeding.
  • Fluid Buildup Around the Heart: This complication can impact cardiac function.
  • Embolism: Obstruction of a blood vessel by a foreign object or a blood clot.
  • Severe and Persistent Pain: Continuous discomfort around the catheter area or related organs.
  • Obstruction of Blood Flow: Potentially endangering affected organs due to reduced oxygen supply.
  • Organ Damage: Prolonged complications can lead to irreversible organ damage.
  • Death: In extreme cases, complications can be fatal.

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What Should You Do If You Have a Bard PowerPort?

Patients with the Bard PowerPort, especially those experiencing any problems or pain, are urged to consult an appropriate healthcare professional immediately for an assessment. Have your doctor check if the port is functioning properly and that no fracturing or migration has occurred. Early intervention is key to mitigating health issues. Based on the findings, your medical provider may advise removing the Bard PowerPort catheter and the use of an alternative.

Can Bard Access Systems Inc. & Becton Dickinson Be Held Accountable?

Thousands of patients have had a Bard PowerPort catheter implanted, most often for cancer treatment. At the end of August 2023, there were already more than 50 lawsuits filed against Bard because of PowerPort failures. Strict product liability laws provide avenues for affected patients to pursue claims against Bard and hold them liable for damages.

Also in August, the U.S. Judicial Panel on multidistrict litigations (MDLs) decided to centralize all claims and band all affected patients together as one plaintiff class. An MDL may affect the type and amount of compensation available to you. In any situation, you can depend on Schlesinger Law Offices to fight for the full compensation that you deserve.

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