Catastrophic Fort Lauderdale Crane Accident

Aftermath of a crane collapse on SE 3rd Ave in Fort Lauderdale, FL

In the wake of the crane accident on SE third Avenue in Ft. Lauderdale on April 4, 2024, Schlesinger Law Offices offers our condolences to all those affected. Our office is a mere mile from the site of the crane collapse, and our staff regularly cross this bridge.

The shocking damage occurred when a heavy section of a crane plummeted hundreds of feet, impacting several vehicles and causing one fatality and injuries to others. Thankfully, the accident happened just before the evening rush, avoiding more injuries and loss of life. This doesn’t diminish the extent of the tragedy for those involved, and our thoughts are with the families and individuals affected by it. As a firm deeply embedded in the Fort Lauderdale community, Schlesinger Law Offices’ commitment extends beyond our personal injury legal services, and we are here to support our neighbors and contribute to the healing process.

The sudden death of a construction worker is a potent reminder of the risks faced by those who build and maintain our city’s infrastructure. Two others were injured and are receiving care at Broward Health Medical Center. Beyond the fatality and injuries, our community is left to deal with the physical damage to one of its key bridges and the broader implications of safety on construction sites.

The bridge, a crucial artery in our city’s daily flow, now stands closed until further inspections and repairs can ensure its safety. This closure, along with the halted boat traffic on the New River, serves as a somber reminder of the accident’s impact on our daily lives.

As investigations continue into the cause of this tragic failure, Schlesinger Law Offices remain attentive and ready to help. When asked about the accident, attorney Scott Schlesinger, said that “cranes are complex pieces of machinery that when used incorrectly can fail and have catastrophic and avoidable consequences. However, with due care they can be used safely.”

We stand with Fort Lauderdale, whether through legal guidance or community support. We are prepared to do whatever is necessary to help our community recover and rebuild. In these trying times, it is our collective strength, compassion, and resilience that will see us through.