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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney: Birth Trauma and Birth Head Trauma Leading to Brain Damage

Birth Related Brain Damage from Head Trauma
Birth-related injuries can be among the most distressing experiences that new parents face. When a birth injury overshadows the anticipation of a healthy baby, the joyous occasion can turn into a scenario filled with uncertainty. Birth injuries can be varied, but among the most severe is brain damage, which may result from head trauma during birth. This article explains brain damage caused by birth trauma, the signs parents should look for to identify these problems, and what parents should do if birth injuries are suspected. Prompt medical evaluation is essential, and legal counsel may be needed. At Schlesinger Law Offices, we understand the emotional and financial toll that a birth injury can place on a family. As experienced personal injury attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, we are committed to supporting local families affected by birth trauma. Brain damage from birth trauma can lead to lifelong challenges and disabilities, making the pursuit of justice not just a legal matter but also a crucial step toward securing resources for your affected child’s future.

The What, Why, and How of Birth Head Trauma
Head trauma is the most common type of birth injury. Most of these injuries only involve the scalp, but occasionally, birth head trauma leading to brain damage can occur. Because these types of injuries could be permanent or fatal, it is important to know the common symptoms. Medical errors, such as delayed C-sections, improper use of delivery tools, or failure to monitor fetal distress, can result in a range of complications, including oxygen deprivation or trauma during delivery. When an infant’s brain does not receive adequate oxygen or is subjected to excessive pressure or force during delivery, it increases the risk of brain damage exponentially. The presence of any injury during birth requires both a careful medical assessment of the newborn and a prudent legal evaluation of the events that lead to the trauma. Birth injuries have implications that extend beyond immediate health concerns to disabilities that could last a lifetime. The legal insights and careful examination of all details of your case by the experienced birth injury attorneys at Schlesinger Law Offices in Fort Lauderdale can be instrumental in achieving the justice and compensation deserved by you and your family.

Injuries Resulting from Birth Head Trauma

  • Cephalohematoma: This occurs when blood pools under the scalp against the skull and is due to excessive pressure or force. This injury, which usually heals on its own but needs medical attention, can lead to jaundice, anemia, calcifications, and infections and may indicate a skull fracture has occurred.
  • Subdural Hematoma: This often comes from trauma during birth and can cause high pressure against the brain, leading to long-term brain damage.
  • Cranial Nerve Injuries: These injuries can occur when excessive pressure is applied to the child’s head during an assisted delivery. Cranial nerve injuries can lead to deficits in sensory and motor functions of the head and neck.
  • Skull Fractures: These can occur when birth instruments apply too much pressure or force on the infant’s head resulting in fractures that can cause brain damage.
  • Intracranial Hemorrhage: This is a severe type of birth injury when bleeding occurs within the brain or between the brain and its covering and is often caused by head trauma during birth. This type of hemorrhage can lead to long lasting brain damage.

Signs of Birth Head Trauma and Brain Damage
When it comes to the well-being of a newborn, understanding and identifying symptoms caused by head and brain injuries sustained during birth is paramount. An occurrence of a minor head injury is not uncommon; however, distinguishing between minor and severe injury is critical. It is essential for parents to recognize the signs and seek immediate attention.

Head trauma during birth can manifest in various forms, ranging from subtle to severe, so it is crucial to monitor your newborn for any irregularities. Detecting the symptoms of a head injury early can make a significant difference in the child’s development and quality of life. Injuries to the skin and soft tissues of newborns are often the most visible manifestations of birth trauma. Such injuries can range from benign bruising or forceps marks, to more serious lacerations or cephalohematomas that require immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, the delicate nature of a newborn’s skin means even small visible injuries can signal more severe underlying issues, including the possibility of skull fracture and brain damage. Parents who notice any bruising, abrasions, a misshapen scalp, swelling or any other head injury on their child following birth should consult their health care team.

Beyond visible marks on the baby’s head, the following signs can indicate head trauma after birth:

  • Seizures: common symptoms include rapid eye movements, excessive blinking, rolling the eyes up in the head, blank staring, constant sucking, smacking or a protruding tongue
  • Excessive crying: usually crying is considered excessive if it is more than 3 hours per day and you are not able to console or distract the baby, or the crying sounds different from their normal cry
  • Unexplained irritability: can be marked by clenching of the fists, waving of arms and legs, looking scared, or wanting to feed more frequently
  • Feeding difficulties: newborns that stiffen their backs during feeding, suck weakly or have trouble latching on, drool or cough while feeding may be experiencing feeding difficulties
  • Lethargy: a newborn may be lethargic if they do not cry at all, are hard to wake up, do not respond to you, stare blankly, or never smile.

Any of these symptoms should prompt immediate medical evaluation. It is also crucial that parents understand that many birth injuries, including head trauma, are preventable and are a result of medical negligence. Recognizing these signs early can be instrumental in seeking appropriate legal recourse for a birth injury. Parents who observe any signs of injury in their newborns should consult a healthcare professional immediately, document any signs or symptoms they notice, and consider seeking legal guidance to ensure their rights and the rights of their child are thoroughly protected.

If You Suspect Birth Head Trauma
Being informed is a parent’s first line of defense. If you suspect your child has suffered a head injury at birth and medical evaluations back up your suspicions, the path forward requires not just medical intervention but the skilled advocacy of a personal injury attorney. Schlesinger Law Offices is committed to serving the Fort Lauderdale community and offers free case evaluation and compassionate and knowledgeable legal guidance. We also work on a contingency basis, which means you only pay if we win your case. We will work tirelessly to ensure the offending parties are held accountable. Your child’s needs must be met now and, in the years to come. Protecting your family’s rights in the wake of a birth injury is not just our profession—it’s our promise. Visit our results page for a few examples of cases we have won.

Prognosis for Newborns with Brain Damage Due to Birth Injury

The prognosis for newborns who have suffered brain damage due to a head injury during delivery hinges upon a multitude of factors, including the severity of the trauma and the promptness of diagnosis and treatment. Brain damage in newborns can result from traumatic birth events, which can alter their developmental trajectory substantially. The prognosis may range from complete recovery to long-term disabilities, and in some instances, lifelong medical care may be necessary.

Legal Help is Needed for Future Treatment for Birth Injuries

When a newborn suffers brain damage due to birth injuries, the array of treatment options is complex and expensive. Caring for a child with injuries sustained during birth requires a multidisciplinary approach. Having a skilled birth injury lawyer from Schlesinger Law Offices on your team will help you secure the capital required to help pay for these treatments.

For cases involving head trauma, the initial focus is on stabilizing the child’s vital signs and dealing with any immediate threats to life and health. Subsequent treatment may involve surgery to relieve pressure on the brain. When the delicate structures within the skull are impacted, neurosurgeons and pediatric specialists collaborate to generate a tailored treatment regimen specific to your child. The nuances of each injury – whether it’s due to oxygen deprivation, physical trauma, or other causes – dictate the therapeutic pathway. Advanced imaging techniques can be used to assess the extent and location of the brain damage, ensuring that intervention is targeted and appropriate.

Therapeutic cooling, also known as hypothermia therapy, is one treatment gaining prominence for newborns with brain damage. This involves reducing the baby’s body temperature to decrease metabolic activity and limit further injury to brain tissue. Additionally, various rehabilitation services, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy, play a critical role in a newborn’s recovery post-birth injury. These interventions aim to enhance development and mitigate the impact of the damage. Assembling the right medical team to care for your child is paramount. A competent personal injury attorney to help you understand the legal intricacies of your case is also essential.

Effects of Brain Damage from Birth Injuries: A Legal Perspective

Birth is a vulnerable time for both mother and infant, and when healthcare providers fail to uphold the meticulous standards requisite for a safe delivery, the consequences can be dire. In the realm of birth trauma, brain injuries are among the most poignant and can result in life-long challenges for the child and family. The effects of brain damage can be extensive, ranging from cognitive deficits to physical impairments, and the need for lifelong care may be a sobering reality that families must confront. The birth injury lawyers at Schlesinger Law Offices understand the legal insights into the standard of care expected during delivery. They can help the family of an injured child secure the compensation they require when that standard is breached.

The signs of birth trauma often unsettle parents and will require an experienced birth injury lawyer to decide if there was a failure to adhere to standard care protocols. In these situations, there may be grounds for a malpractice claim. At Schlesinger Law Offices, our legal team will thoroughly examine the circumstances that precipitated the head injury and will consult with medical experts to determine the likely cause of the head trauma. This research will help your attorney demonstrate the link between the negligence incurred during birth and the resultant brain damage.

Get Legal Help for Birth Injury Brain Damage in Fort Lauderdale

While navigating the aftermath of a birth injury, parents must be vigilant in noting any signs of head trauma that could indicate underlying brain damage. Understanding the causes and effects of brain damage from birth injuries can empower families to seek the justice and compensation they deserve. Each birth injury case presents unique challenges that the attorneys at Schlesinger Law Offices are ready to help you confront.

If you suspect your child’s brain damage is due to medical negligence during birth, we are here to do all the legal heavy lifting while you and your family concentrate on healing. The attorneys at Schlesinger Law Offices have the dedication and experience necessary to guide your family through the legal process, ensuring you receive the support and restitution you need.