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Recalled Toxic Baby Formula Sickens at Least 8 Other Babies, Schlesinger Tells CBS

Back in February, Abbott Laboratories pulled certain lots of Similac®, Alimentum®, and EleCare® off the shelves over reports of Salmonella and Cronobacter sakazakii infection. Now, the recall hasexpanded to include a certain lot of Similac PM 60/40—and the case count is growing, too.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received five reports of infant illnesses, now with two potential deaths, caused by the recalled powdered baby formula products. In addition to this official count, Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. is currently representing the families of eight other babies who have fallen sick after consuming Abbott’s toxic baby formula.

Attorney Scott P. Schlesinger spoke to CBS News about the class action lawsuit.

“We have information suggesting that as early as September of 2021, there was complaints to the FDA about an outbreak of foodborne pathogen Cronobacter at the facility in Sturgis, Michigan,” Attorney Schlesinger told CBS. “And so, when you have these kinds of outbreaks, you need a trusted manufacturer that consumers depend upon to act rapidly, responsibly, not to dither.”

Yet dither they did. Abbott continued manufacturing its powdered infant formula products out of the Sturgis facility. Infant illnesses were soon to follow.

“Abbott’s failure to use reasonable care regarding these infant formula products – and then failing to warn the public after recognizing that a problem within their facility existed is reckless and dangerous,” said Attorney Jonathan R. Gdanski.

Two of our firm’s clients, Natalie Coselli and Tyler Rowland, agreed to share their family’s story with reporters. They told CBS of how terrifying it was to see their two-month-old son, Hayes, suddenly admitted to Texas Children’s Hospital and hooked up to an IV.

“The doctors didn’t know what was going on,” Rowland said in conversation with CBS. “It was unreal. It is very, very scary.”

Doctors soon identified the problem: Hayes had Salmonella poisoning.

“I just was like, how does that happen?” Coselli told CBS.

And how could her child, who was fed formula, be infected with Salmonella? These cases are usually reserved for romaine lettuce, peanuts, and other food her son hadn’t eaten yet.

All the evidence so far points to corporate negligence.

“Unfortunately, we often do find that there were shortcuts, there was carelessness, there was oversight, there was inadequate assessment of the food safety,” Attorney Schlesinger explained. “And that’s how things get out into the public, and it’s the consumers that pay the price.”

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Fighting Tirelessly to Hold Abbott Accountable

At Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A., we’re here to make sure Abbott is held accountable for putting contaminated baby formula on American shelves. No company should get away with putting children in harm’s way.

If your child has been injured by Abbott’s toxic baby formula, there is a chance to fight for accountability and justice. You may also be compensated for your damages, such as for the cost of your child’s medical care, pain and suffering, and more. There are no fees unless we recover compensation for you!

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