Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. Sues Philip Morris & ZYN for Misleading Advertising

Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A., the law firm that successfully filed a class-action lawsuit against JUUL Labs that settled for $235 million, has turned its attention to Big Tobacco once again, this time for the misleading advertising of ZYN oral nicotine pouches. Philip Morris International (PMI), the current maker of ZYN, and Swedish Match, the company that sold ZYN to PMI in 2022, have been named as defendants in the lawsuit. Our attorneys are seeking class-action status for the lawsuit, which would allow ZYN users across the country to take legal action against the company for its alleged wrongdoings.

In the complaint, our plaintiff, Bailey Wolters, alleges that he suffered from nicotine addiction and dental issues as a direct result of using ZYN. The problem is that Philip Morris has downplayed the addiction risks and associated health complications in its marketing. We are seeking damages that cite the company’s failure to warn consumers about the risk of nicotine addiction and its dangers, which include gum disease, cognitive issues, cardiovascular injuries, and gastrointestinal complications.

Is ZYN Dangerously Addictive?

ZYN is marketed as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco that is spit-free, tobacco-free, and smoke-free. The product has also been touted as a good way for people to stop smoking cigarettes, much like a nicotine patch. However, ZYN is not nicotine-free. In our complaint, we allege that ZYN technically exposes users to more nicotine than cigarettes, which could increase the risk of nicotine addiction.

An average cigarette has about 10 mg to 12 mg of nicotine in it. When smoked, though, only about 2 mg of nicotine will be absorbed by the user’s body. On the other hand, ZYN pouches are sold in amounts as large as 6 mg of nicotine per pouch. The important difference is that most of the nicotine in a ZYN pouch is readily absorbed into the user’s gums within an hour, which means the average ZYN user is exposed to 6 mg of nicotine per use, three times the amount of the average cigarette.

Has the FDA Approved ZYN?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet granted authorization to ZYN, despite the product having been on the market for nearly a decade and making billions of dollars in sales each year. According to the FDA, it is still researching how Philip Morris has marketed ZYN due to growing concerns that it might be marketed to teenagers, much like JUUL had been.

Several Congress members have echoed the FDA’s concerns about ZYN’s marketing strategies, too. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has asked for a legislative and regulatory effort to limit how ZYN is marketed and sold. He and others are worried that ZYN will cause a new spike of nicotine addiction in youths, who will eventually turn to cigarettes. Of note, regulatory authorities in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands have all banned nicotine pouch products like ZYN after determining that they were a “gateway” nicotine product for teenagers and young adults.

Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. is investigating the allegations that ZYN was intentionally marketed to teenagers. It could be possible that new or updated lawsuits will follow if the evidence suggests this unscrupulous marketing strategy was used by Philip Morris and Swedish Match.

Will a ZYN Class Action Be Next?

Our team from Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. has pushed for class action status after filing our initial lawsuit against the makers of ZYN. The approval has not yet been granted. If it is, the class action lawsuit would make it easier for more people to take action against Philip Morris after they suffered nicotine addiction and related symptoms from using ZYN. Please visit our blog often for important updates about ZYN lawsuits and a potential class action status.

Why Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. is Leading the Fight

Not many law firms have brought Big Tobacco to trial. Even fewer have won. Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. is proudly leading the legal fight against ZYN because we have the confidence and know-how that only a long history of trial wins against Big Tobacco can bring.

Some of our greatest wins against Big Tobacco include:

  • $235 million class action settlement against Altria, the maker of JUUL, for downplaying the dangers of its product, which was mostly marketed toward teenagers.
  • $157 million jury verdict against R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris, including punitive damages, for the widow of a man who died of smoking-induced lung cancer.
  • $37 million jury verdict against R.J. Reynolds in a product liability lawsuit filed on behalf of the family of a man who died of smoking-induced lung cancer.
  • $20 million jury verdict against Big Tobacco, won for the widower of a woman who died of smoking-induced lung cancer.
  • $12 million compensatory damage award against Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds for causing the cigarette addiction and fatal lung cancer of our client’s spouse.
  • $10.5 million jury verdict against Big Tobacco for the widower of a woman who died of smoking-induced lung cancer.
  • $10 million jury verdict against R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris in a product liability/wrongful death case that went to trial.
  • $9.1 million jury verdict, including $3 million in punitive damages, won for a Florida widow who sued Big Tobacco for causing her spouse’s fatal cancer.

If you or a loved one used ZYN nicotine pouches that you thought would be safer than smoking or chewing tobacco, we want to hear from you. Please call our ZYN attorneys at (954) 467-8800 or use an online contact form. Our main office is located in South Florida, but if the ZYN lawsuit is granted class action status, we will be able to easily provide legal help to potential clients across the country.

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