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Why You Shouldn’t Make Recorded Statements

Being involved in a car accident can be an overwhelming experience. It’s natural for victims to feel fear, confusion, and shock. Unfortunately, insurance companies know this and will often attempt to take advantage of the situation by quickly calling and asking for a recorded statement from the victim before they have had time to fully process what has happened. Knowing how insurance companies prey on accident victims is the first step in protecting yourself after a crash!

What Is A Recorded Statement?

A recorded statement is when an insurance company calls you shortly after an accident and asks you to answer some questions about what happened. This conversation is then recorded in order to be used as evidence against you if there is ever a dispute regarding your case. Though it may seem like the insurance company is being proactive in getting your claim processed quickly, their main purpose for obtaining this statement is often not so altruistic.

How Do Insurance Companies Prey on Accident Victims?

The primary way that insurance companies prey on car accident victims is by attempting to catch them off guard. By calling immediately after an accident, they hope to obtain information from someone who is still emotionally impacted by the event and not completely aware of how their words can be used against them later. As such, it’s important that you make sure you are calm and collected before giving any sort of statement—written or verbal—to an insurance company representative.

Benefits of Speaking With A Car Accident Attorney Rather Than An Insurance Company

The best way to ensure that your rights are protected after a car accident is by speaking with a car accident attorney rather than directly with the insurance company. An experienced attorney will know exactly what information needs to be provided in order for your claim to be processed properly and will also help protect you from giving any statements or signing documents that could potentially hurt your case later down the line. Furthermore, having legal representation allows you to focus on recovering while they handle all of the paperwork associated with filing your claim!

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