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Federal Court Upholds $3.5M Jury Verdict for Defective Hip Implant Plaintiff

Schlesinger Law Offices is proud to announce that a lengthy legal battle for one of our clients has reached a positive conclusion. In 2013, we brought a lawsuit against Biomet Inc. for its defective M2a Magnum hip replacement device, which failed after Lori Nicholson had it implanted. After years of investigations and legal back-and-forth, a jury awarded her $3.55 million in 2020. As expected, though, the defendant was not happy with the result and tried to defeat it in appeals.

Appellate cases can be difficult, especially when related to defective medical devices. However, our team from Schlesinger Law Offices is highly experienced and always ready for legal challenges. We took the case to the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in August 2022.

Arguing that the evidence supported both the client’s argument and the need for the multimillion-dollar verdict, we were able to defeat the appellate motion. The Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the verdict while also stopping Biomet from requesting a new trial. We and our client are highly satisfied with this decision that will keep millions of deserved dollars of compensation in her hands.

Our client’s trial is one of thousands that were filed against Zimmer Biomet/Biomet Inc. for its unsafe hip replacement devices. Most of those plaintiffs decided to accept a settlement, but some are still standing and waiting for a final jury verdict. We are hopeful that this appellate success for our client sets the legal precedent to make other outstanding lawsuits against Biomet more successful.

For more information about this case result, you can click here to view a full article from The Des Moines Register. To learn more about Schlesinger Law Offices and our legal services, please feel free to contact us at any time.