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Miami Parents Join Toxic Baby Formula Class Action Lawsuit Against Abbott, Daily Business Review Reports

Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. is representing the parents of infants harmed by Abbott Laboratories’ toxic baby formula in a growing class action lawsuit. As reported by the Daily Business Review, two Miami parents recently joined the suit after their child suffered Salmonella poisoning from Alimentum.

As a result of her Salmonella poisoning, the parents’ daughter experienced the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Blood loss
  • Bloody stool
  • Severe, overwhelming diarrhea
  • Severe diaper rash (with blood)
  • Temperature changes
  • Insomnia

Sadly, this child is just one of the many to suffer a similar illness.

Alimentum is one of three powdered infant formulas—the others being Similac and EleCare—to be linked with reports of Salmonella and Cronobacter sakazakii infections. Only certain lots manufactured in Abbott’s Sturgis, Michigan facility were found to be tainted. On February 17, 2022, those lots were recalled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In reporting on the toxic baby formula recall, the Daily Business Review interviewed our two attorneys on the case, Scott P. Schlesinger and David Silverman.

As Attorney Schlesinger told reporters, companies like Abbott need to be better regulated. If safety procedures had been in place to detect bacterial contamination, babies across the nation could have avoided infection and, in some cases, death. That’s an uphill battle, however.

“They are already aware that it is always a cost analysis, and unfortunately when it comes to these big food companies, they don’t want to be overly regulated nor overly inspected as it affects their bottom line,” Attorney Schlesinger told the Daily Business Review. “There have been a couple infants who have died or have been dramatically sickened or hurt for life. A lot of times it’s within the realm of the consumer advocate that the word gets out and other children get protected, but when it comes to the big food companies or food supply is not as safe as it could be because of cost cutting and consideration of the bottom line.

It is shameful that Abbott is able to reap excessive profits after putting families and children at risk of injury. We are committed to holding Abbott accountable for its negligence. At this point, we are in the middle of discovery—gathering documents, taking sworn testimonies, and working with microbiologists who specialize in food poisoning.

“We are going to learn about the corporation’s actions and inactions, specifically those at the Sturgis facility,” Attorney Schlesinger stated. “Most importantly we will learn why Abbott chose to continue selling tainted baby formula to parents instead of immediately stopping its production line and informing the FDA of their contamination problem.”

If your baby fell ill after ingesting a recalled powdered baby formula product, you may qualify for compensation. There is still time to take action against Abbott. Trust our seasoned national trial attorneys to represent you. We’ll put our over 70 years of experience to your advantage.

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