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More Cities & States Ban E-Cigarettes To Fight The Vaping Epidemic

The vaping epidemic continues to sweep through the nation, and state lawmakers are taking a stand to protect citizens from the dangerous effects associated with e-cigarette devices. To date, there have been 2,506 cases of e-cigarette-related lung injuries and 54 confirmed deaths throughout the United States. Unfortunately, those numbers keep climbing. To combat the issue, several cities and states have enacted laws banning the use of flavored e-cigarettes.

New York City is the latest city to enact a ban against flavored e-cigarette pods. Due to a pause in federal action, state and local governments are trying to address this epidemic from plaguing teens and young users, who are especially attracted to flavored e-cigs, by putting an end to the sale of these popular flavors. Michigan was the first to ban flavored vaping throughout the state, and they’ve since been joined by California, Utah, Rhode Island, New York, Oregon, Montana, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Washington.

Attorney Scott Schlesinger, our founding attorney, weighed in on the issue in a recent article in Newsweek, where he explained that many of the e-cig users, (teenagers and young adults), aren’t even aware of the toxic chemicals in their products. To date, Attorney Schlesinger has represents hundreds of teens and young adults harmed by these popular products.

To protect our youth, banning flavored pods is absolutely essential. Attorney Schlesinger said, “Half of these kids didn’t even know there was nicotine in [e-cigarettes]. They thought they were sucking on mango.”

Banning these dangerous products can help prevent teenagers and young adults from starting e-cigs, while also cutting off the supply to those already addicted.

To learn more, read the full article on Newsweek.com.

If you or your child became ill after using e-cigarettes, make sure you know your legal rights. Our firm can assess your situation and help you take legal action to seek justice from the negligent e-cig manufacturers.

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