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Roller Ball Candy Recalled After Boy Choked & Required Emergency Surgery

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Roller Dipper Candy and Roller Ball Candy have both been recalled after a young boy choked on a loose plastic piece and required emergency surgery to dislodge it. The recall only began after the child’s parents campaigned for the recall and pressured the manufacturer into conceding that the recall was necessary to protect other children from similar harm.

Details of the Roller Ball Candy Choking Incident

7-year-old Dovid Bracha was eating a Roller Ball candy when a white plastic ball inside the candy became detached from the base. The candy did not warn of the white plastic ball as a choking hazard, so the boy attempted to eat it, thinking it was part of the candy. He choked on the plastic ball and EMTs were rushed to the scene. Unable to remove the ball from Dovid’s throat due to its unusual size and material, they were forced to push it down his airway so he could breathe while in transit to the Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Upon arrival at the hospital, a CAT scan was conducted, revealing the plastic ball had entered the boy’s lungs. Emergency surgery was required to remove it. Reportedly, Dovid was placed in critical condition and needed a ventilator to help him breathe.

Details of the Roller Ball Candy Recall

Roller Ball Candy, Rollerball Candy, Roller Dipper Candy, and Roller Dip-N-Lik Candy should all not be purchased or consumed with the pending recall. Children and adults alike could choke on the defective candy, so it is not safe for consumption under any circumstances. The candies are manufactured and distributed under various names, so it can be difficult to positively identify a recalled candy. If your child has a candy pop with a ball that can roll in place, then it should be discarded immediately, just to be safe.

At this time, only two candy descriptions have been slated for recall by the manufacturers:

  • Roller Dipper: Item H4372; MPN 723800644372
  • Roller Ball Candy: Item H8650; MPN 608819234847

You can use this information to double-check any Roller Ball candy. Discard any that matches the description.

Will Roller Ball Candy Face Legal Action?

It is not clear at this time if Dovid’s family intends to take legal action against the manufacturers of Roller Ball Candy. However, due to the extent and severity of his injuries, it is likely that they will explore this avenue in pursuit of justice and compensation. There could even be multidistrict litigation (MDL) if the recall is large enough.

Currently, Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. and our product liability team are investigating the Roller Ball Candy recall. We are asking anyone who was injured by this candy product to call (954) 467-8800 and share their story with our attorneys. If this happened to you, then it might be possible to start an injury claim against the manufacturer, which we can help you navigate.

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