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Understanding the Tell-Tale Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Fort Lauderdale

As our loved ones age, they may require extra care and attention that we cannot provide on our own. Nursing homes are often the go-to solution for families seeking professional care for their elderly relatives. However, nursing home abuse and neglect are serious issues that can occur in these facilities. It is crucial to be aware of the tell-tale signs of nursing home abuse to ensure our loved ones receive the care they deserve.

Signs That a Loved One Is the Victim of Nursing Home Abuse

Here are some of the most common signs of nursing home abuse:

1. Physical Injuries: Unexplained bruises, cuts, or broken bones may indicate physical abuse. These injuries may be the result of staff members using excessive force or neglecting to provide necessary care.

2. Emotional Changes: Sudden changes in behavior, such as withdrawal, anxiety, or depression, could be a sign of emotional abuse. This abuse can occur when staff members belittle, threaten, or isolate residents.

3. Poor Hygiene: Neglect can manifest itself in the form of poor hygiene. If your loved one is not being bathed regularly or has dirty clothing, it may be a sign that they are being neglected.

4. Malnutrition: If your loved one is losing weight or appears to be malnourished, it may indicate they are not receiving proper nutrition. Malnutrition can be a result of neglect or intentional abuse.

5. Medication Errors: If your loved one is not receiving their medication as prescribed, it can have serious consequences. Staff members may intentionally withhold medication or administer the wrong dosage, which can be a form of abuse.

If you suspect your loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home, it is essential to take action—contact Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. to discuss your legal options. Our experienced attorneys can help you hold the responsible parties accountable and ensure your loved one receives the care they deserve.

Fort Lauderdale Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

It is imperative to be aware of the tell-tale signs of nursing home abuse to protect our loved ones and ensure they receive proper care. By recognizing these signs, we can take action to prevent abuse and hold those responsible accountable. If your loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home, contact Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. for a consultation about your case: (954) 467-8800.