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Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. Representing Teen in Severe Vaping Illness Case

The Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. legal team is representing a 19-year-old college student whose severe vaping-related illness requires lung and kidney transplants to treat.

Recently featured in People, our client is one victim of the JUUL-led e-cigarette epidemic that has harmed thousands. Approximately 47 deaths have been linked to vaping.

Our client began vaping while in high school, when he bought a JUUL e-cigarette and mango-flavored JUUL pods. He described to People that he did not feel any “buzz” from vaping a little over a week after purchasing his JUUL, but would “get nervous and twitchy if [he] didn’t have it.” Less than six months later, he “couldn’t hold any food down and had fevers and chills,” which doctors thought were symptoms of the flu. He did not respond to the antibiotics and steroids he was prescribed, and began experiencing chest pains a few days later. Following an urgent care visit, our client went to the hospital for an x-ray. He was diagnosed with pneumonia, airlifted to another hospital, and eventually put in a medically-induced coma.

The doctors made the connection between our client’s symptoms and his e-cigarette use when his parents found JUUL pods in his dorm room. Vaping had weakened his lungs, making a normally mild infection especially damaging.

Our client was “in and out of consciousness, connected to a respirator” for about five months. During that time, he lost 80 lbs. He currently requires the use of an oxygen tank, dialysis, physical therapy, and frequent rest.  He will need lung and kidney transplants.

The now 20-year-old victim of JUUL’s negligence was not aware of the risks of vaping when he purchased his first e-cigarette. Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. handles JUUL and other e-cigarette product injury cases. If you or a loved one was harmed because of vaping, contact us today.

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