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Attorney Haberman Featured in Fox Business Morning Show

Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. Is Helping Addicted Youth Sue Juul, Other E-Cigarette Makers

47 Americans have died because of a vaping habit, and families are looking for a way to fight back. E-cigarettes have caused a nicotine addiction epidemic among teenagers thanks to Juul’s youth-friendly marketing and flavorful pods. The company predicts $3.4 billion in sales for 2019, much of this number made at the expense of those who never intended to use nicotine products at all.

Our fierce advocacy on behalf of those affected by Juul earned Schlesinger Law Attorney Jeffrey L. Haberman recognition by the team at Fox Business AM out of New York. He and a client were invited to interview about the lawsuit they intend to against the e-cigarette maker. The client, a teenager, started using a Juul device (“Juuling”) when it became popular among her friends. The mango Juul pods she and her friends used didn’t seem like cigarettes because of the sleek design and flavors. She didn’t even realize there was nicotine in them—until it was too late. Her Juuling habit led to nicotine addiction, chronic migraines and breathing problems, but she cannot stop. That was when she decided to seek legal help.

An “Epidemic” Among Teenagers

Our client isn’t the only one who’s experienced nicotine addiction because of Juul’s dangerous e-cigarette and deceptive marketing techniques. It’s estimated that over 5 million middle- and high-schoolers vape. This number demonstrates an increase by about 1.5 million youth just between 2018 and 2019.

The wide availability of e-cigarettes makes it easy for teenagers to start using. Juul is the market leader, selling around 7 in 10 vape products bought. Their e-cigarettes and refillable pods are stocked in more than 100,000 stores nationwide. They are well-positioned to usher nicotine use into a new era. We help consumers fight back against their ethically questionable marketing and product choices.

Who Can Sue Juul?

The FDA issued a warning to Juul for indicating their products:

  • are less dangerous than other tobacco products on the market, including cigarettes;
  • contain lower levels of nicotine than other tobacco products on the market; and
  • do not have nicotine or other harmful toxins present in cigarettes.

JUUL’s marketing suggested smokers might be able to use their products to quit—and non-smokers could use them without fear of addiction. Consumer trends have shown the opposite.

You or a loved one may be able to bring a suit if you’ve become addicted to Juul and/or suffered symptoms including:

  • Addiction
  • Vaping Lung Associated Injury
  • Seizures
  • Pneumonia

Anyone who has been hospitalized for E-cigarette or Vaping Product Use Associated Lung Injury (EVALI) may also be able to sue Juul or another vape product provider for failing to warn about the risks of their products.

We Want to Hold Powerful Companies Accountable

Though Juul may seem like a slick new startup its partially owned by Altria, the company behind the Marlboro cigarette. JUUL is Big Tobacco. Like Big Tobacco, JUUL’s business strategy relies on getting people hooked on their products.

Tobacco use continues to be a public health concern, especially among youth. We may be able to help you hold Juul and other e-cigarette manufacturers accountable for trying to sell their dangerous products to them. Speak to our team now to learn whether you could file for compensation.

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