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Downfall of the German Automobile Giant “Volkswagen”

In an evident case of breach of rules and regulations, the irony is that Volkswagen as a brand actually used to be the king in the automobile industry! There used to be a time in the past when the Volkswagen Company was well known for marketing itself as a leader in low emission vehicles! It was popularly known as a “clean diesel manufacturer” before the VW Scandal came out in the open. The VW Hoax created such a stir in the international markets which cannot be exactly put into words. Although the future for the Volkswagen manufacturers does not seem to be bright in the present times, the fact that VW actually happens to be a Giant German Automobile Maker cannot be refuted! Obviously, it is a little difficult to say at the moment if things are ever going to return to normal! Given the VW Lawsuits, stringent strategies are being followed by the manufactures and calculated steps are being taken so as to avoid any other goof up.

The German automaker halted the sale and production of the cars after the VW Fraud ensued. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was adamant in its claim that the Volkswagen and Audi vehicles were using a certain illegal and unacceptable software which greatly altered its rates of emission! In fact, the entire operation was carried out in such a smart manner which one could not have ever thought of. The software used was made in such a way that the vehicles used to meet the diesel emission standards during the testing procedures and then again switched on to the dirtier mode once when the testing was over and a clean chit was provided to the Volkswagen company to run their cars on the roads! The most badly affected models of Volkswagen in this entire VW Scandal are the 2012 launched Jetta and the 2013 launched Passat. Even, the Audi A3 was not spared. In the wake of such a startling revelation, the German automobile giant has ordered a probe into the matter in its own way! To make up for the lost dignity and to regain back the trust of its loyal customers, an emission software is being worked upon. The VW service centres are busy in trying to find a fix for the losses incurred in the hope that things shall return to normal. However, the huge financial pressure which is being faced by the VW company is something which cannot be resolved so easily and shall take up a tad bit of time for sure!

As a matter of fact, the revelations not just had an impact on the manufacturers but it also came as a rude shock for the entire diesel industry as well. The reason for such a large scale effect comes from the fact that Volkswagen by all means has been a massive brand since years! It seems to be literally unbelievable that the VW manufacturers can actually indulge in the formulation of such a planned deception strategy and that too when it enjoyed such a devoted customer base! However, to cover up for the entire mess created owing to their own folly and misdeeds, the Volkswagen manufacturers have set aside a lumpsome amount of about 6 billion in this fiscal year. With the sudden turn of events and the ongoing investigations, cash is preliminary to cover up for the fines and criminal charges! Hence, only time can heal the wounds inflicted in the minds of people following the VW Scandal, all that we need to do is to just hope for the best!!

Schlesinger Law Offices filed a national class-action lawsuit against Volkswagen, which created devices in their “clean diesel” cars to cheat pollution tests. Those who purchased or leased the following cars have been deceived and defrauded.

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