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FDA Issues Warning Letter to JUUL Labs

Throughout August and September, dozens of young people across the country have been sent to the ER for serious respiratory problems after vaping JUUL e-cigarettes. As litigation against the company continues to pick up, the FDA has taken a more active role in investigating JUUL’s products – and recently, the agency issued a warning letter demanding that JUUL stop referring to their products as “safer” than conventional cigarettes.

Issued by the Center for Tobacco Products on September 9th, 2019, the letter documents a series of inaccurate claims that JUUL representatives have made about their tobacco and nicotine products. Noting that JUUL refers to its products as “99% safer” than cigarettes, the FDA has now formally reprimanded the company for using this kind of incorrect language in its marketing campaigns and sales efforts.

Furthermore, because these products violate the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the FDA is demanding that JUUL respond to the letter within 15 days and show decisive evidence that they will maintain compliance with the law. While JUUL will still be allowed to sell its products to adults, they will no longer be permitted to use these deceptive advertising practices without facing major legal challenges and increased restrictions from the government.

Fighting for Teens Affected by JUUL

At Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A., our experienced JUUL lawsuit attorneys have been navigating this territory for the last few years, and helping to build strong case strategies against the largest e-cigarette companies. Teenagers face life-threatening health risks from JUUL e-cigarettes, and that fact has only become clearer over the last few months. If you or your loved one have been affected by vaping injuries, our team can help you pursue compensation from the companies responsible for your losses.

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