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Litigation Against JUUL Labs Continues to Increase

Since exploding onto the market less than a decade ago, e-cigarettes have been actively marketed by their manufacturers as a “safe alternative” to conventional smoking, as they rely on water vapor rather than combustible tobacco. However, because of these very marketing practices, some of the biggest manufacturers – like JUUL Labs and its new partner Altria – are coming under significant legal fire from plaintiffs across the country.

At Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A., our experienced JUUL lawsuit attorneys have led the national charge on much of the e-cigarette litigation thus far, and we can help you seek justice if you’ve suffered from nicotine addiction after using JUUL e-cigarettes. In this post, we’ll review the current state of tobacco litigation, and discuss how you can pursue a claim.

Current Lawsuits Against JUUL Labs

As of June 2019, at least a half dozen plaintiffs have come forward in both state and federal courts to hold JUUL Labs accountable for their injuries. Many of these legal actions have been filed on behalf of nicotine-addicted teenagers by their parents.

Claiming that their 15 year-old daughter did not realize JUUL e-cigarettes contained nicotine at all, Florida parents Erin and Jared NesSmith filed the first federal class action suit in April 2019, relying on the skilled representation of our own attorney Jonathan Gdanski. In addition to nicotine addiction, the NesSmiths’ daughter also experienced a series of debilitating seizures, caused by accidental ingestion of JUUL e-cigarette liquid.

It isn’t just minors who have been misled by advertising practices at JUUL Labs, though. In recent weeks, two adults filed a federal lawsuit against JUUL in San Francisco, and both allege that it was not clear these products could cause nicotine addiction. They are currently seeking class action status on their claim as well.

How to Pursue an E-Cigarette Claim

JUUL has become one of the largest e-cigarette companies in the world, and it has done so by using social media and deceptive advertising tactics to target young users. Even with mounting pressure from lawmakers and injured citizens, JUUL and other e-cigarette companies are attempting to evade scrutiny for their carelessness.

Whether you’ve personally been affected by JUUL’s advertising practices or have an affected teenager at home, you could be eligible to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the company. In some cases, you may even be able to join with an existing class action claim, such as the one brought by the NesSmiths’. Either way, when you discuss your case with one of our qualified tobacco litigation lawyers, we’ll help you take the right legal strategy for recovering compensation.

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