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Tesla Vehicle Fire Leaves 3 Victims Severely Injured

In a catastrophic car crash in Tampa last week, a Tesla burst into flames while 3 innocent victims remained inside, sustaining severe injuries. Eyewitnesses reported that other drivers stepped in to help free the burning passengers and driver, all of whom are expected to survive the incident. The cause of the crash and driver’s condition remain unknown, though all 3 involved are expected to survive. More on this developing story can be found here.

Unfortunately, this is not the first occasion for reports of Tesla vehicle fires and crashes. While electric-powered vehicles may be the cars of the future, they still have a long way to go when it comes to safety. Unsurprisingly, Tesla continues to maintain that there is no reason for concern. However, the luxury electric sports car is the center of many recent controversies for claims and accusations of defective batteries prone to catching fire. According to extensive research following a series of fatal crashes, the number of fires involving these vehicles seem to be on the rise.

Prior reports of fatal lithium-ion fires are frightening as they span across a wide range of products, devices, and more. These hazardous products include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Laptop battery packs
  • Cellphone batteries
  • E-cigarettes
  • Other household items

Potential Vehicular Defects

Tesla’s autonomous Model 3, S, and X cars are quickly gaining notoriety for an alarming number of spontaneous fires. Despite claiming these accidents are no cause for concern, Tesla has updated software to improve their vehicles’ heat management and distribution in an effort to prevent these deadly explosions. Many have raised concerns about the company’s lithium-ion batteries as the origin of these fiery crashes, as multiple cases report fires re-igniting hours after the fire had been extinguished. These issues follow what seem to be Tesla’s unending procession of hazardous accidents, fires, and explosions.

Manufacturing may also be liable for potential defects as Tesla’s unstable lithium-ion batteries are not the only reported instances of vehicular malfunctioning. Previous cases have alleged other incidents involving other defects including unintended acceleration or faulty door handles.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident due to a faulty Tesla, rest assured you are not alone. Do not be intimidated by the prospect of facing such a massive entity. As a consumer, you reserve the right to demand better from entities responsible for your safety and wellbeing.

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