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Attorney Bryan Hofeld Secures $6.5 Million for Woman Injured in “Psycho Swing” Carnival Ride

Carnivals should be a place for lighthearted enjoyment, not for hazardous rides and inexperienced operators. Unfortunately, all too many carnivals lack proper safety equipment and operator training, which can lead to very serious injuries. Sadly, this was precisely the problem in Elizabeth Frank’s case.

Attorney Bryan Hofeld helped his client, Elizabeth Frank, take legal action against the carnival company responsible for the permanent injuries she sustained falling from one of their rides. Frank was awarded $6.5 million in damages from the Judicial Circuit Court Judge Nicholas R. Lopane when the jury found the operator liable.

In 2011, while attending a “The Celebration Source” carnival, Elizabeth Frank was thrown from a ride, the “Psycho Swing.” She suffered permanent injuries that significantly impact her life today, affecting her physical activity, her ability to work, and several other aspects of her day-to-day life. She suffers from pain in her ankles, persistent headaches, difficulty processing and learning, memory challenges, and other problems related to feelings of melancholy.

The liable party, The Celebration Source, was found negligent for failing to provide operators with adequate training and instructions, and for failing to inform passengers of the need for safety equipment. Because of this careless oversight, there were no safety harnesses in place when Frank was thrown from the swing. She was not properly strapped in, and therefore fell out of the ride, injuring her head, neck, back, and limbs.

Attorney Bryan Hofeld was understandably proud of the work he did for his client, and stated, “We’re extremely pleased that the jury saw things our way and appropriately recognized that what happened shouldn’t have happened and that it had severe consequences for Elizabeth. She has significant issues that she’ll be dealing with, unfortunately, on a permanent basis.”

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